The ICT Division is the central support division that provides the University’s ICT services and facilities for the needs of students, staff, and researchers. The division is committed to supporting, improving, and transforming the way that ICT is used across the University.

The division has five teams based on the specialty of services which each provides to the University. The specialities include Technical Services, Network & Communications Services, Online Services, Data Operators Team, and Audio-Visual and Web Services.

Changes are already taking place with the implementation of the Academia ERP in 2016, the upgrade of the Local Area Network, and the introduction of WiFi in certain strategic and academic locations on the Waigani campus. The University’s Taurama campus is connected to the Waigani campus by a virtual private network. Internet bandwidth into the University has increased dramatically from 2Mbps download and 1.5Mbps upload, before 2014, to 90Mbps in 2019. Several cloud-based services have been introduced, including G Suite software (Educational), which includes the University’s email system.

The ICT transformation drive will continue and result in better, integrated, and improved technology for everyone at the University.