graduate profile
Graduate Profile

The objective of the University is to produce graduates who:


  • Care for ethical values, and provide leadership in national development, with a clear understanding of national values and needs;
  • Are committed to self-development through the continuous acquisition of knowledge and experience and are able to survive in an environment of continuous change in a rapidly evolving society;
  • Are capable of providing political leadership, national unity, and social development;
  • Are technologically literate, receptive to new ideas, and prepared to be innovative;
  • Have social responsibility and a strong identity with their own communities;
  • Have acquired adequate knowledge, skills, and the creative ability to meet specific national manpower needs;
  • Have acquired adequate skills in communication, information technology, critical inquiry, and problem solving;
  • Have acquired a basic understanding about fundamental national issues and sustainable development;
  • Will promote critical and free inquiry into issues concerning human nature, society, and the world;
  • Can understand, interpret, and educate people to enhance their contributions to the social and economic development of the country; and
  • Accept criticism and self-criticism as self-development processes, and are able to face the realities of hardship of life in communities.