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The University of Papua New Guinea invites applications for this senior executive position as listed below.

Office Of The Pro Vice Chancellor (PD&IR)

 1.  Buildings Manager*  W/293012/21
*All applications will be treated as strictly confidential and will close on 08th November, 2021.

School of Business & Public Policy

1 Professor of Accounting W/161001/21
2 Professor of Economics W/041001/21
3 Associate Professor of Accounting W/161002/21
4 Associate Professor of Business Management W/041002/21
5 Lecturer 2 in Accounting W/161005/21
6 Lecturer in Accounting W/161008/21
7 Lecturer in Accounting W/161012/21
8 Lecturer in Banking and Finance W/161003/21
9 Lecturer in Business Management W/141018/21
10 Lecturer in Economics W/041013/21
11 Lecturer in Economics W/041017/21
12 Lecturer in Human Resource Management W/041010/21
13 Lecturer in Human Resource Management W/141017/21
14 Lecturer in Human Resource Management W/161017/21
15 Lecturer in Human Resource Management W/161018/21

School of Humanities & Social Sciences

1 Lecturer in Journalism W/191002/21

School of Medicine & Health Sciences

1 Professor of Child Health T/811001/21
2 Coordinator Goroka Clinical School T/841003/21
3 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry T/821007/21
4 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Internal Medicine T/821010/21
5 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Surgery T/811023/21
6 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Obstetric & Gynaecology T/811026/21
7 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer – Medical Education Unit (Director) T/831012/21
8 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Dentist T/831003/21
9 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Pathology T/831002/21
10 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Public Health (Health Management) T/841004/21
11 Tutor in Medical Lab Sciences T/561015/21
12 Tutor in Medical Imaging Sciences T/531005/21
13 Senior Technical Officer Grade 2 (MT2) T/822014/21
14 Administrative Officer – Medical Education Unit T/873003/21
15 Technical Officer Grade 1 (MT1) T/822015/21
16 Technical Officer Grade 1 (MT1) T/822016/21
17 Technical Officer Grade 1 (MT1) T/822017/21
18 Technical Officer Grade 1 (MT1) T/822019/21
19 Dental Technical Officer Grade2 in Dentistry T/542005/21
20 Secretary (KBO 5) in Clinical Sciences T/816017/21
21 Secretary (KBO 4) in Obstetrics & Gynaecology T/816019/21
22 Secretary (KBO 4) in Surgery T/816018/21
23 Secretary (KBO 5) in Dentistry T/542008/21
24 Secretary (KBO 5) in Pathology T/836011/21
25 Secretary (KBO 5) in Medical Lab Sciences T/521007/21
26 Secretary (KBO 5) in Public Health T/846011/21

School of Natural & Physical Sciences

1 Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences W/071018/21

Open College

1 Director, Southern Highlands University Centre W/SPA 1658/21
2 TVET Lecturer (PCE) W/231029/21
3 Instruction Designer (P&P) W/231023/21

Information & Communication Technology

1 Analyst Programmer W/293081/21
2 Analyst Programmer W/293082/21
3 Asset Management System Administrator W/293059/21
4 Human Resource System Administrator W/293067/21

Michael Somare & Medical Library

1 Senior Assistant Librarian – Medical Librarian T/863001/21
2 Assistant Librarian Grade 1 W/283010/21
3 Assistant Librarian Grade 1 W/283011/21
4 Assistant Librarian Grade 1 W/283012/21
5 Assistant Librarian Grade 1 W/283013/21
6 Assistant Librarian – Archivist W/283014/21
7 Library Officer W/283020/21
8 Library Officer W/283029/21
9 Library Officer W/283033/21
10 Library Officer W/283039/21
11 Head of Binder W/282059/21
12 Technical Officer W/282064/21
13 Technical Officer T/892002/21
14 Library Assistant W/283024/21
15 Library Assistant W/283028/21
16 Library Assistant W/283035/21
17 Library Assistant W/283043/21
18 Library Assistant T/863008/21
19 Binder Assistant W/282060/21
20 Secretary (KBO 5)- Personal Assistant W/286051/21
21 Typist (KBO 4) W/286053/21
22 Typist (KBO 2) W/286055/21
23 Library Attendant T/863010/21


Professor K91,202 – K111,470 per annum
Associate Professor K73,919 – K 90,345 per annum
Senior Lecturer K60,452 – K 73,886 per annum
Lecturer 2 K49,961 – K 61,063 per annum
Lecturer 1 K41,836 – K 51,132 per annum
Tutor K53,520 – K 43,414 per annum
Buildings Manager K61,605 – K75,295 per annum
Medical Librarian K61,605 – K75,295 per annum
Senior Technical Officer Grade 2 (MT2), Analyst Programmer,
Asset Management System, Human Resource System Administrator and Assistant Librarian
K40,643 – K49,675 per annum
Administrative Officer, Dental Technical Officer Grade 2, Head Binder and Library Officer K34,971 – K 42,743 per annum
Secretary (KBO 5), Technical Officer and Technical Officer
Grade 1 (MT1)
K30,965 – K 37,846 per annum
Secretary (KBO 4), Library Assistant, Binder Assistant K27,698 – K 33,854 per annum
Typist (KBO 2) and Library Attendant K25,007 – K30,565 per annum

Appropriate Domestic Market Allowance (DMA) and a gratuity payment calculated at 25% of the Base plus DMA will be provided for all contract level appointments. For all academic appointments a Teaching Allowance (ATA) will also be paid calculated at 20% of the Base plus DMA.

The University is an equal opportunity employer and encourages female applicants for all positions advertised.

Potential applicants are advised to do the following:

  1. Obtain relevant position descriptions or descriptors from the Human Resource Division through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact number 326 7233 or click the link on position vacancy of your interest.
  2. Address selection criteria outlined on the job description or job specifics in their application, as well as highlight relevant experiences, qualifications and/or a strong aptitude to adapt/progress accordingly in the respective positions.
  3. Provide an up to date curriculum vitae with a recent passport size photo, and names/addresses of three (3) referees qualified to comment on the suitability of the applicant for the position(s).
  4. Applicants must attach Police Clearance and Medical Clearance.
  5. Contact their referees to send confidential reports directly to the University without waiting to be contacted.

All applications will be treated as strictly confidential and will close on 26th November, 2021.

All applications should be forwarded to the Director, Human Resource Division, University of Papua New Guinea, PO Box 320, UNIVERSITY, National Capital District or faxed to 326 7187 or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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