Good morning staff and students.

Although we have been open for business since the 27th April, today is the first day back in class for everyone, except the MBBS students at the SMHS, Taurama campus, who started their classes last week. I, therefore, would like to warmly welcome you all back to the academic program for the remainder of this semester.

I wish to stress to everyone that due to the government requirements of social distancing and for our personal and collective safety, our traditional ways of operating will be modified to make sure that we observe this requirement. Please do practise social distancing at all times —this includes when attending lectures. Please respect one another!

I am aware that some of us have not seen each other for over a month now and our usual manner of greeting is a hug or holding hands, but could I please encourage you to greet each other by other ways, such as a fist bump, distant greeting or even a feet touch. Let us all work together to get used to practices now that will stop any potential spread of the virus if it arrives.

In addition, as we have been encouraging you all to do over the last couple of weeks, please practis e personal hygiene by keeping yourself clean and washing your hands regularly. Do not touch your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth. Also practice environmental hygiene by regularly cleaning and taking care of your surroundings.

I would also like to encourage everyone, both staff and students, to stay in contact with one another so that important information on your courses is shared properly and no one is placed at a disadvantage. Well done to those of you have been regularly keeping in touch and I encourage you all to keep on doing that.

The ‘new normal’ will involve blended learning approaches where we have different ‘blends’ of face-to-face and eLearning. This is quite new to a large group of us, so let us be patient but be willing to learn and move forward. Our staff have dedicated a lot of time in putting information and learning activities together for their students’ benefit so please work together to make sure that your course guidelines and learning outcomes are achieved at the end of the semester. As I stated above, please communicate with each other so students get all the information they need to complete their assessments.

For important information on what the University is doing and what is expected of you, please check your university email account and the university website

I thank you all once again for playing your part in our endeavor to complete the semester and progress to the next semester.

With Best wishes,


Professor Frank K. Griffin
Vice Chancellor