Admission Requirements

Admission to the UPNG MBA-CPA Program is granted only to those who are able to benefit fully from an intensive program. Applicants are expected to have reasonable work experience in a position involving considerable authority and decision-making.

Applicants should:

  1. have a good first degree in accounting, commerce or finance or related field from a recognised University or equivalent qualification
  2. must have successfully completed all modules, through examination, of CPAPNG or any other leading professional accounting body, which is recognised by CPAPNG;
  3. must be a financial member of CPAPNG at the time of making this application;
  4. have a minimum of five years managerial-level work experience or five years of general work experience acquired after first degree; and
  5. be fluent in English and be a computer literate.

The following are core courses for MBA-CPA program (Exclusive for MBA Module)


Term Course Number Course Name Credit Point
12 Weeks
Term 1 3.61204 Operation and Production Management 5
3.61211 Corporate Governance and Business Ethics 5
3.61301 Contemporary Organisational Behaviour 5
3.63001 Business Economics 5
12 Weeks
Term 2 3.61202 Marketing Management 5
3.61302 Strategic Human Resource Management 5
3.61201 Quantitative Methods of Business 5
3.61207 Entrepreneurship Innovation and Change 5
12 Weeks
Term 3 3.60801 Strategic Management 5
3.61203 Management of Information Systems 5
3.61210 Project Planning & Management 5