Master of Economics and Public Policy is designed for working executives who are currently holding managerial positions. This program provides an academic platform to update and upgrade their competency in applying economic and public policy analysis and skills to a complex range of problems facing PNG.

The course reflects current changing global economic and policy changes towards a demand for economists and public policy experts in PNG.


Admission Requirements:

Admission to the UPNG MEPP Program is granted only to those who are able to benefit fully from an intensive program. Applicants are expected to have reasonable work experience in the middle/senior level of management in Public/Private/Bank/Non-governmental Organizations acquired after first degree.

Applicants should:

  1. Have a good first degree in Economics/Public Policy from an approved University or equivalent qualification.
  2. Have a minimum of two-year management level work experience acquired after first degree; and
  3. Be fluent in English and a computer literate.


Program Structure:

This course is designed to fill the void in economics and public policy in the workforce, especially in government and areas of industry who focus is on the managing the economy and in dealing with the government policy environment. It targets mid to senior level staff who have had prior experience in the workforce and who would like to sharpen their knowledgebase and skills in economics and public policy.

The sequencing of courses follows a trimester system and entails three different exit points: Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master in Economic and Public Policy (MEPP). The exit points give flexibility to enrolled students to exit whenever they choose based on their acquired skills. It also gradually builds students to a level of where they can competently undertake full masters (MEPP).

Year 1
Terms Course Number Course Name Credit Points
Term 1 3.63404 Governance & Institutions 5
3.60303 Quantitative Research Methods 5
3.63405 Issues in Public Sector Management 5
Term 2 3.60304 Microeconomic Analysis & Policy 5
3.63406 Managing Government Finances 5
xxxxxx Elective 5
Term 3 3.63408 Qualitative Research Methods 5
3.60306 Macroeconomic Analysis & Policy 5
xxxxxx Elective 5
Year 2
Term4 3.60308 PNG Economic & Policy Issues 5
3.60309 Global Economic & Policy Issues 5
3.60310 Reading & Seminar Paper 5
Term 5 3.60311 MEPP Research Paper 5


Trimester 2
  1. Development Thinking and Policy      3.63407
  2. Resource Economic Policy      3.60305
Trimester 3
  1. Program Management Evaluation      3.63409
  2. Applied Cost Benefit Analysis      3.60307