The University invites application for admission into Bachelor of Business and Management, through internal mode, from those who have graduated with Diploma in Business and Management (DIBM) already and from those who will be successfully completing all the courses of Diploma in Business and Management (DIBM) in the year 2023.

Those who enrolled into Bachelor of Business and Management (BB&M) through external mode of UPNG, in the year 2013 or earlier are NOT eligible under this category. Please see a separate Notice No: 2, dated 16th October, 2023.

(A) Minimum requirement for External to internal transfer:

Any current student of DIBM programme or those who have already graduated with DIBM, are eligible to apply. Further, the applicant should have successfully completed a minimum of sixteen prescribed courses of DIBM programme with grades of “PASS” and above. In addition, the applicant should have an overall Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5 and above.

(B) Application procedure:

Those who are willing to apply for admission into Bachelor of Business and Management (internal mode), are advised to register your name and other details:

(i) By clicking the following link: [→Click Here]
(ii) Find the correct announcement and click : “APPLY NOW” and fill the Google Form and send it.
and apply on or before, Friday, 27th October, 2023. Please take note of the following:
(i) You are required to have an active Gmail ID, before you fill the form. If you do not have one, please create a Gmail ID and then proceed;
(ii) You are required to fill all the relevant spaces correctly, which are available in the google form;
(iii) Upload either PDF or JPEG image of receipt of K20 for payment of application fee, paid into UPNG General Fund Account No: 1000583572 of BSP Bank. The fee can be paid into any branch of BSP Bank.

If you have any difficulty, you are encouraged to visit the School Office.

Only online application will be accepted. No late application will be entertained. Also, incomplete application will be rejected. Further, please take a copy of your latest transcript and make sure that all the information are current and accurate on your transcript. If your transcript does not reflect the true and correct information, you are required to report to appropriate University Authorities for necessary action.

(C) Selection procedure:

Students are informed that fulfillment of eligibility criteria does not guarantee any space, as selection is purely based on:

(i) successful completion of minimum of sixteen prescribed courses with “PASS” grade and above. The information available on the transcript on 20th December, 2023 will be used. If you have any issue in your transcript, please address it immediately;
(ii) minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.5;
(iii) choices of divisions of applicants, and
(iv) spaces available either in Business Management Division or in Human Resource Management Division or in Public Policy Management Division or in Strategic Management Division or in Tourism and Hospitality Management Division of the School.

In order to calculate CGPA, first passing grade (“PASS” and above) of courses studied will be considered. The School will not consider second passing grade, which is obtained from upgrading of the same course / subject.

The School’s decision regarding allocation of students to any discipline is final.

(D) Courses to be completed:

The applicants must have successfully completed all the prescribed course of Business Management Foundation programme and prescribed courses of DIBM programme with a minimum of “Pass” grades. Further, once admitted into any discipline of the internal mode, every student is required to complete all the prescribed courses of the particular discipline in order to graduate with Bachelor of Business and Management.

In order to complete the prescribed courses of the discipline allocated, he/she will be required to overload some of the courses at your expenses and time. Please refer to the Courses overload Policy of the University. Those who are selected into BBM programme are advised to consult with respective Head of Divisions to find courses to be completed in order to graduate with BBM degree.

The School reserves the right to change any criteria / condition with or without notice.

Mr. Roboam KAKAP
Acting Registrar