The School invites application form from eligible candidates, who wish to stream from Business and Management Foundation (External mode) to Year 2 of studies (External mode). Please note the following:

(a) All those current students, who have successfully completed or will be completing, all the eight prescribed courses of Business and Management Foundation through external mode, by Semester 2, 2023, are eligible to apply.
(b) The applicants should have secured “PASS” grades and above in all the eight prescribed courses of Business Management Foundation programme;
(c) The eligible candidates have the option of either streaming into Diploma in Accounting (D.Acc) or Diploma in Business and Management (DIBM), through external mode, subject to fulfilling the eligibility conditions.
(d) Grades available on the transcript on 20th December, 2023 will be considered for streaming purposes. If you have any issues with your transcript, you are strongly advised to address the issue with the appropriate University authorities. The School will not be held responsible for missing information on the transcripts.

The interested candidates are advised to register your name and other details:

(i) By clicking the following link: [→Click Here]
(ii) Find the correct announcement and click : “APPLY NOW” and fill the Google Form and send it.

(e) Last date for application through Google form is Friday, 27th October, 2023. No late application will be entertained.
(f) In order to fill the Google form you are required to have Gmail ID.
(g) Only one submission of google form is allowed from each eligible candidate.
(h) If you have any difficulty in accessing the Google form, you are encouraged to visit the School reception.

Mrs. Dimas SUTTON
Executive Officer