The School of Medicine and Health sciences at The University of Papua New Guinea released the names of the eleven pharmacy students who have been awarded CPL Scholarships to enable them to continue their studies, research, and growth in the pharmaceutical industry. These students now have improved opportunities to contribute to the ever-expanding pharmaceutical industry services work force, in keeping with the objectives and goals of the National Health Plan, 2021-- 2030.

" The selection of the CPL Scholarship awardees was carried out by the Pharmacy Discipline's academic staff, in consultation with the CPL executives. The selection was transparent and based on the students' academic performance, and individual reviews and analysis of overall academic commitment in pharmacy-related issues," said Professor Nakapi Tefuarani, Executive Dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The awards are the first in an ongoing, three-year Scholarship Program between the School and CPL, with eleven more Scholarships to be awarded each year, over the next two years.

The Award Ceremony was attended by the Chairman of CPL, Sir Mahesh Patel, and the General Manager, Mr. Pradeep Panda, who presented the Scholarships to the awardees.

The eleven CPL Pharmacy Scholarship awardees are:

Second Year
  • Paniel Enop
  • Victor Kalan
  • Gideon Ivana
  • Cyril Karaut
Third Year
  • Jack Yawasing
  • Ulga Namba
  • M'Bhreengha Hames
  • LisaMarie Bensienyam
Fourth Year
  • Noxy Ali
  • Dama Gawale
  • Charlyne Kepas