Welcome back to our combined journey of learning, after our enforced break. This learning gap was beyond our control, as we are all fighting an invisible enemy, “Covid-19”. With the grace of God, swift and firm action by the Government of Papua New Guinea, and good cooperation by the citizens of Papua New Guinea, we have, so far, been well-protected from the impact of Covid-19.

Although we may feel safe, we should not be complacent, as the Covid-19 virus has not been eradicated, and an effective vaccine against it hasn't yet been discovered. We must take all possible care to safeguard ourselves, our families, our colleagues, our community, and the people around us by acting responsibly. This includes washing our hands regularly with soap, maintaining social distancing, living hygienically, and following the measures advised by World Health Organization (WHO). The University is installing hand-washing facilities around the campus.

In preparation for the “new normal” mode of teaching and learning, the School is making changes to the delivery of lectures, as well as in the assessment criteria. The School has agreed that individual Course Coordinators will have the liberty to decide on one or several teaching modes to ensure that the health and hygiene measures imposed by Covid-19 are observed. There will be a blend of teaching modes, including face-to-face learning, online lectures and provision of online resources, and handouts and lecture notes, or a combination of these learning strategies. The School, with the support of the University's Open College, is introducing members of staff to Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL), which will be used during the Covid-19 period.

The University is preparing revised timetables to ensure that undergraduate students can maintain social distancing. Face-to-face contact will be minimized in teaching and learning activities, as well as personal contact with students. The School has developed several methods of handling queries, including using the University's email system. Students are requested to initially channel any queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Different query forms have been designed to address a range of academic issues. These have been sent to your UPNG mail ID, which you can download, complete, and email back to our query centre. These forms can also be downloaded from the UPNG website.

Please take note of the contact details of the Executives:

Lekshmi N. Pillai
Executive Dean
School of Business and Public Policy