• Accounting

    The Accounting Division is one of the 8 Divisions in the School of Business and Public Policy. It pursues excellence in Accounting Education. The Division is committed to scholarly research, teaching, and service to advance knowledge and prepare future leaders for business, professional, and academic careers.
  • Banking & Finance

    The Banking & Finance Division aims to pursue excellence in banking and finance education. The Division is committed to the academic portfolios of scholarly research, teaching, industry networking and community service to cultivate and advance knowledge with the view to preparing leaders in business, industry and academia.

  • Business Management

    The Business Management Division was established in 2002. The aim of the Business Management program is to pursue excellence in business management education and training. This program is committed to scholarly teaching, research and service to advance knowledge and prepare future business leaders as well as professional in different business fields and academic careers.
  • Economics

    Welcome to the Economics Division within the School of Business and Public Policy. Economics Department was created under the Arts Faculty when UPNG was first established in the late 1960’s. It is one of the oldest programs at UPNG, and has a long history in producing some of the finest Economist in PNG. The Economics program became a strand/ Division when the School of Business Administration was established early 2000.

  • Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management Division within the School Business and Public Policy was created in 2005 in order to offer Bachelor Business and Management (Human Resource Management) program to meet the high demand of HR Professional in both the public and private sectors of Papua New Guinea and the globe. The business world today requires trained HR Professionals as today HR issues in organisation are critical for organisational success.
  • Public Policy Management

  • Strategic Management

  • Tourism & Hospitality Management