“My exchange at The University of Papua New Guinea provided me with invaluable insights into the unique geological complexities of Papua New Guinea and the strategies employed in disaster risk reduction,” shared Adinda Peyra, the 2023 Papua New Guinea Fellow under the New Colombo Plan Scholarship.

Adinda is the 2023 Papua New Guinea Fellow and Macquarie University undergraduate student, who completed her New Colombo Plan (NCP) scholarship program with The University of Papua New Guinea. She spent Semester two of 2023 with the University’s Earth Sciences Division of the School of Natural and Physical Sciences.

Adinda completed the first component of her studies under the NCP scholarship program, sponsored by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to live, work, and study in the Region.

Her scholarship program, which commenced in Port Moresby, is focused on her passion for volcanology, and aims to enhance Australian cooperation regarding geo-hazards to support disaster risk reduction within tectonically active sub-regions of the indo-pacific.

She also shared that during her time at the University, together with her friends and mentors, she learned the basics of Tok Pisin, including local dialects, to forge new connections. These skills are also critical aspect of supporting disaster preparation and education in various local contexts. She took part in field trips to various geological sites in Port Moresby, and learned about mapping regional geology, geo-hazards and risk-management strategies that were developed in each of these locations.

She immersed herself in the rich and diverse PNG culture through these experiences and shared through her friends. “I’d like to thank Professor Joseph Espi in particular, whose unwavering support and guidance made this unique learning experience.

“My time in PNG has offered a real-world perspective on the intricacies of geo-hazard management and the critical role of effective disaster risk reduction strategies in different parts of the world,” shared Adinda.

Associate Prof. Joseph Espi, Head of Earth Sciences Division, and Director, Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction, expressed thanks and acknowledged Adinda for selecting UPNG’s Earth Sciences Division to further her education journey.

Adinda also took part in the Division’s Golden Jubilee, and the Geosciences Open Day celebration in October 2023. The Division’s Golden Jubilee marks 50 years of providing quality geoscience education, research, community services, partnerships, and graduates.