“APPEAL-FOR-SPACE” Letters do not constitute applications for admission or enrolment in 2021. This process ended in 2020.

Also, “APPEAL-FOR-SPACE” letters are not the forerunner of any enrolment supplementary list. There will be no supplementary enrolment application list.

Although those applicants who have appealed for space may feel entitled to make follow-up enquiries, the School will manage them as a “subject” which demands attention as an integral part of the admission/selection process. This means that “appeals” will not be dealt with individually.

Currently, the demand on staff time to complete the registration process means that the managing of “appeals” will be conducted after the registration process has concluded. This will happen after registration closes on Thursday, 11 February 2021.

Seeking immediate responses to queries regarding “appeals” will not be helpful to the School or the process, and may even be unsatisfactory or disappointing for the enquirer.

The School will make a formal statement regarding “appeals” as soon as possible after registration closes.

Professor John Luluaki
Acting Executive Dean
School of Law
05th February, 2021

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